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Need Credit Approval?

Let one of our credit specialist show you the tricks of the trade. We have been in the game long enough to know what works and what doesn't.

Our effective Credit Coaching service can help steer you in the right direction to approved credit.

Fix Your Credit Now!

Learn How Credit Repair Can Help You Today.

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You Name It, We Can Help You With It.

At Strategic Credit Repair of Corpus Christi, we've successfully disputed every type of issue a credit report can have and we're ready and waiting to help you with yours now. Our credit Freedom programs are developed around extensive research of credit bureau tactics and consumer credit laws for our clients.

Not Getting Approved? Let Us Show You The Way...

Have you had trouble obtaining a good credit score? Are you considering refinancing your existing mortgage? Does your family need a new vehicle? Maybe you need more credit to pay off a long overdue home improvement project.

Getting approved for a loan can be a scary task. There are many kinds of offers out there with no easy way of knowing which is best for you. Our dedicated credit professionals are here to help you learn what your best option may be.

We stay in touch with some of the most trusted lenders in the United States and we can help you qualify to refinance your high-interest loans, obtain a brand new auto or new home loan or even qualify for credit cards. Don’t just settle for high-interest rates. Let Strategic Credit Repair of Corpus Christi help you achieve the low-interest rates you deserve.

Home Loans and Refinancing

The longer you keep paying your bills on time, the higher your credit score will be. So get current as soon as you can and stay that way.

Are you considering purchasing a new home? We'll help you increase the amount of financing you may qualify for with our proven credit repair services. If Strategic Credit Repair of Corpus Christi can’t get you qualified for that new home loan, no one can.

Have you decided to refinance your home mortgage? When interest rates go down or your credit improves since you last applied for a loan, you're more likely to save money when you refinance. Our trained credit specialists can help you examine the options available to you.

Whether you want to purchase a new home or simply refinance your current loan, we stay in touch with lenders who often give loans to people who have less than perfect credit.

Auto Loans

The time has come; you need to purchase a new car for yourself and/or your family. You're finally in the position to turn that dream into a reality. Our trained credit professionals will help you save money by helping you identify the best auto loan available within your means. Once you've been a satisfied customer of our Freedom or Freedom Plus credit repair programs, you will be able to enjoy low interest rates for your new vehicle.

Whether you want to purchase a new auto or refinance your current auto loan, we have direct communication lines to lenders that often give loans to people who have less than perfect credit.

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Credit Cards

There are so many credit cards available in America today. How do you choose which credit card is the best one for you? Our credit experts are continually monitoring the credit card market in order to better assist you in choosing the best credit card for your needs. If we can’t get you qualified for a credit card, it's very likely that no one can.